Carry Options

The Talon is small, light and extremely concealable. It can be quickly drawn and deployed from a number of different carry options.

Easily affixed to just about anywhere while remaining easily accessible, Talon knives can be discreetly carried even when wearing minimal clothing such as when jogging or swimming.

With the included Kydex™ sheath and clip system, the Talon knife can be clipped behind a beltloop, to the bottom hem of short pockets or anywhere along the waistband of pants or clothing, or even clipped to a bra under a shirt.

Ultra-light and minimalist – you’ll never even notice it’s there … until you need it!

If you really want to get innovative with carry options, the Kydex™ sheath features numerous small holes designed to allow you to attach the sheath using a safety pin to any point of clothing. The small holes around the edge of the sheath can be used with nylon thread enabling you to affix your Talon sheath to gear or clothing in ways limited only by your imagination.

The included screw and clip assembly attaches to any of the rivets on the Kydex™ sheath allowing you to clip your Talon in virtually any position to most any item of clothing or gear.