What comes with my Talon knife?

What is the rubber washer for?

Place the rubber washer directly under the screw portion of the screw assembly, between the Kydex strap and the screw to prevent it from loosening during carry.

What if my Talon is too loose or too tight on my fingers?

See the instructions on this page to change the wrap on your handle. You can add wrap or remove wrap to further customize the size to your hand.

The screw assembly is a bit tight.

The Chicago screw that comes with your Talon Knife is used to attach the clip assembly to holes in the sheath. It has been black powder coated and may require a few rotations to loosen up. Simply remove the screw assembly and fit the threaded end into the receiving end. Slowly turn and back off a few times. Should your hands be too slippery, use gloves.

Is it legal to carry my Talon Knife in my jurisdiction?

We have no way of knowing whether the Talon falls within laws in your jurisdiction. Check with your local law enforcement department, or search online for applicable laws in your area.

How long is the blade on the Talon?

The blade length is 1.75 inches or 45mm long.

What kind of steel is the Talon made of?

The Talon knife is crafted from 1.4116 (X45CrMoV15) steel and Rockwell Hardened to 59-60RC which provides outstanding edge retention. The black ti coating provides a non-reflective, extremely durable finish which inhibits corrosion.

Will the Talon rust?

Any knife steel can oxidize if not maintained. The titanium coating on the entire knife is extremely durable and will prevent corrosion. A product such as Tuf-Cloth or Militec-1® can be used to wipe down the blade for increased corrosion protection.

How do I sharpen my Talon knife?

Your Talon can be sharpened using standard knife sharpening protocol and techniques. It can be easily touched up using an inexpensive diamond or ceramic rod sharpener. Because the Talon has a RC Hardness of around 60RC, more work may be required to sharpen it than on lower grade steel knives.

Where is the Talon manufactured?

The Talon was designed in the USA, manufactured in China, and is distributed from Canada through Talon Tactical Inc. It is made to the highest standards of quality and designed for a lifetime of utility.

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