Badassdad’s Talon Knife Review

We’re stoked that the Talon Knife is officially a piece of BAD gear, getting a two thumbs-up rating over at Bad Ass Dad’s Gear Reviews.

Badassdad Talon Knife ReviewBAD is a former soldier turned expat contractor who has since applied his considerable expertise to the grueling task of raising a family while intermittently jetting off to different places around the globe to do … well, whatever guys like him do.

There’s a handy little tidbit buried in the review about BAD’s surreptitious little overseas travel EDC knife, the Gerber EAB Pocket Knife.  No matter where you go on the planet, people seem to need to shave – replacement blades can be picked up virtually anywhere. Neat idea.

Check out the BAD Gear: Talon Knife review.