Combat Support System

CombatSupportSystem-logo-final-1Combat Support Systems is a new company offering a unique design in firearm storage and quick accessibility.

At Talon Tactical, we love it when gear gets pressure tested in real life situations – that’s the only way to know if it will come through for you. We do it with knives … these guys do it with a LOT more than that!

Soldiers carry their weapons everywhere but what happens when it’s time to check in for the night? The Combat Support System keeps gear and guns off the ground, quickly accessible and immediately deployable.

Easy access + Quick deployment + no fumbling around when the adrenaline starts pumping = combat effectiveness. This is precisely the kind of gear that makes sense in real life.

Mounted on your wall in your closet along with one of their durable, high-tech gun lock systems and you’ve got yourself a very practical tactical setup.

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