Under stress, fine motor skills become muted and the human body becomes incapable of performing detailed and complex hand motions.

The adrenaline dump that occurs in such situations leaves our hands and fingers especially sensitive to the loss of fine motor skills.

The Talon is a small everyday carry knife that has been pressure tested under a wide variety of simulated high-stress situations in reality-based training scenarios.

Regular pocket knives or tactical folding knives require intensive training to deploy consistently during simulated high stress situations.

(Try this: Have a training partner put on some boxing gloves and come at you while you try to draw a training version of your favorite carry knife. We’ve practiced this drill hundreds of times with popular knife designs. Hey, we love our pocket clip folders, but the rate of failure to deploy them under stress is shocking – certainly not something you would want to trust your life on.)

The Talon gives you a huge advantage by minimizing fine motor skill requirements during the draw phase of accessing the knife.

A simple panicked grab at the large finger capsule will consistently produce the knife into your hand whether you are carrying it at your waistline or around your neck. Even if you should only get one finger through the handle in an emergency, the Talon will still draw and be usable until such time that a second finger can be inserted for maximum retention. It’s FAST.

But here’s one more huge benefit of the Talon: Once you have it in your hand, unlike all other knife designs it is extremely difficult to disarm or dislodge  even if you should by some misfortune be temporarily stunned or even rendered unconscious.

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