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Talon Knife – Personal Tactical Edge


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Designed to Protect You – Ultra-Light, Instinctive to use, Very Quick to Deploy, and Practically Impossible to Drop!


The Talon Tactical Edge might be small and unobtrusive, but it’s a game changer when it comes to personal protection and preparedness.

We 100% guarantee it.

I cannot believe how easy it is to index and employ the knife. I’ve still got a big smile on my face after training. You are right about the sheath. It locks the knife in there so snugly I can carry it in the horizontal position without ever having to worry about it falling out. Mate, you do indeed have a bloody awesome product. ~ C. Vaughn

With hundreds of different knife styles available, how do you know which one will actually perform when the chips are down?

Common Issues With Carry Knives

• Some knives end up being too bulky to carry around on a day to day basis. There’s nothing more useless than a knife you left at home in your drawer.
• Some knives seem like they would be easy to draw, yet are impossible to consistently deploy during an adrenaline dump.
• Certain knives look unique but require extensive training to use effectively.
• A knife can easily be knocked out of your hand, or dropped accidentally.

Try This: Invite a friend or training partner to put on some boxing gloves and come at you full steam … while you attempt to deploy a training version of your favorite every day carry knife. We’ve done this hundreds of times and it’s a real eye opener – and a great indicator of what actually works and does not work under stress.

I thank you very much for this. I am former U.S. Army and i have to admit that this knife is by far one of the best tactical advantages i have ever seen. By the way you and your company get a big A+ on your customer service. – D. McMillan, Missouri

We’ve spent years training and testing the perfect edc knife solution: THE TALON TACTICAL EDGE

The Talon was designed with one purpose in mind: to properly protect yourself in real life situations.

The Talon is versatile, powerful for its size, unobtrusive and fast to deploy. ~ Cliff Jacobson

The Talon Knife:

Is smaller, lighter, AND easier to carry, compared to virtually any other blade

• No bigger than a credit card
• You won’t even notice you are carrying it – extremely lightweight
• Legal in almost all jurisdictions (the blade is under 2”) Always check your local regulations!

Deploys faster than virtually every other knife design on the market

• Instantly have your knife ready – by simply clawing your fingers and swiping at the capsule
• The large finger capsule makes this one of the quickest knives to draw
• The design gives you an advantage under situations of EXTREME STRESS where fine motor skills go out the window

Makes it practically IMPOSSIBLE to be knocked out of your hand

• Remains firmly in your hand… even if you are knocked unconscious!
• Functions more as an *EXTENSION* of your hand (while being more effective than most tactical knives out there)
• Makes it extremely difficult for you to be intentionally disarmed


5-Star Review …

After using the knife for a few weeks I fell in love with it and can’t imagine not having it! I use the Talon knife daily and it is easy, fast, and versatile. Watch my video below to see my thoughts on this great knife. It’s a bit long but I wanted to cover the knife well to help someone decide if it’s the right choice for them

Works with (not against!) your INSTINCTS…making it count in life or death situations!

• If you can use your hand, you can use this knife!
• There’s virtually no training needed to use the Talon effectively
• Relies on gross motor skills…meaning anyone (from the smallest woman to the biggest guy) can effective use the Talon

Allows you to continue using your hand while the knife is deployed

• Use a cell phone or flash light at the same time with the same hand
• Discreetly carry a shopping bag across a dark parking lot with the Talon on your fingers
• Cut seatbelts, ropes or straps and climb out of danger
• Reload a firearm – an excellent CCW backup for permit holders and easily affixed to holsters
• Push, strike or grapple

I’ve heard people say you shouldn’t carry a knife because it can be taken away from you in a life or death struggle. Even if you were knocked out you’d wake up with this knife still around your fingers. Awesome concept. ~ J. Liboiron, Senshido Trainer

Every Talon knife is custom fitted to the size of your hand! Male or female, big or small….this knife is designed fit you perfectly.

Just follow the simple measurement instructions below and in 5 minutes you’ll be ordering your own personal tactical edge.

Follow these simple finger measurement instructions.

You will need:
1. A piece of paper
2. Scissors
3. Ruler
4. Scotch Tape
5. Pen



1. Using the scissors, cut a ½” wide strip off the long end of a regular 8 x 11 piece of paper
2. Attach a piece of tape to one end of the strip of paper
3. Attach the taped portion to the TOP of your MIDDLE finger
4. Wrap the paper strip around the base of your middle and index finger
5. Pull LIGHTLY snug – not too tight!
6. Using the pen, mark the paper strip
7. Remove the paper strip from your hand and measure with the ruler

Measure twice!

Note: By adjusting the paracord wrap on your Talon knife handle you can further customize the fit of your knife.

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