How It Works

How It Works – The Talon Knife

Once deployed the Talon Knife virtually “locks” into your hand. Unlike any other blade design the Talon is almost impossible to drop.

The Talon knife is an extension of your fingers and is instinctive to use.

There are no complex grips (saber, hammer, reverse icepick etc.) to be trained … you just slip it on your fingers and do what you naturally would do in an emergency – push, pull, grab or make a fist to employ deep cuts. The blade is designed to angle away from your hand so that it does not interfere with holding or grasping items.

The aggressive thumb jimping along the top of the blade is designed to help your thumb generate maximum cutting force or precision whenever needed. The tail portion of the handle tucks behind the ring finger to reduce torsion on the knife when cutting when you aren’t using your thumb. Simple. And very, very effective.

Combined with all the included sheath and accessories, the Talon Knife can be carried in an almost unlimited variety of ways, is extremely discreet and can be drawn more quickly than virtually any other knife design.

Your Talon should ideally fit so that your index and middle finger slip fairly easily into the capsule, yet snugly enough so that the knife doesn’t slip off your fingers when your hand is relaxed. Follow the simple measurement instructions during the order process and we’ll ship you a Talon that fits your hand perfectly.

If you want to further custom size your knife, the Talon comes with extra de-cored, pre-cut 550 paracord wraps in black, mil green and desert tan. The cord wraps can be used to further adjust the handle of your knife in different colors or variations for further customization. Click here for easy instructions on how to re-wrap your Talon Knife.

If your Talon is slightly too tight around your fingers, the wrap can be partially or fully removed from the handle. Simple instructions can be found here.

If it is slightly too loose, your knife can be re-wrapped to decrease the finger capsule circumference. The handle features a number of different 3mm holes designed to anchor the paracord wrap in a variety of positions.

Your Talon will fit your hand as if it were made for it … which it is!

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