Because the Talon is sized for your unique finger size, once you have your Talon Knife in hand retention is extraordinarily secure. The Talon virtually locks in your hand.

Even when using or accessing tools or performing complex actions with your hand, your Talon will remain deployed and ready to use. This is a significant tactical advantage over other knife designs.

Once you draw a regular fixed blade or folding knife your hand is fully engaged. You either use the knife OR put it away.

The Talon knife can be deployed while permitting the normal use of your hand.

You can:

Unlike other knives or tools, even if by some circumstance you should be rendered immobile or unconscious, the Talon will remain in your hand.

Retention of a sharp edge can mean the difference between survival and failure in a wide variety of emergency situations.

Because the Talon Knife locks in your hand, it is also ideal for a variety of utility purposes:

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