Cliff Jacobson Reviews The Talon Knife

Cliff Jacobson, a highly respected outdoors writer has posted a great review of the Talon Knife here.

“When I first saw the Talon I questioned its two-finger hold and severely-drop-pointed, talon-shaped blade.  But with use, I began to appreciate its design. The blade may be small but it is stout and powerful, yet also capable of fine work*.  It can skin a rabbit, split small kindling or produce wood shavings for a campfire. The steel, which is hardened to RC 58-60 (that’s hard!), can be honed to a razor’s edge; the tip is strong enough to pierce a coin—or a car door. If I had to fend off a wild animal or human I’d naturally want more knife, but the little Talon would do real damage.”

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