The Martialist Review of the Talon Knife

Phil Elmore, the longstanding New York internet mogul of all things martial, looked at the Talon Knife from a self defence standpoint. Check out his article here.

The Talon sample submitted to The Martialist shipped with a Kydex sheath, a clip assembly (which can be attached to the sheath to keep it in your pocket for a pocket-draw), a breakaway bead chain, two zip-ties (for attaching the sheath to MOLLE straps or wherever else you wish to put it) and several pieces of paracord wrap (designated as extras).  All of these items were contained in a black velvet bag.  Also included was an instruction manual.

My Talon shipped with only a moderately honed edge, but it touched up nicely with a diamond rod. The subtle recurve edge is about 1-3/4 inches long and features a very nice set of thumb grooves that bite well for traction.  The steel is 1.4116 (X45CrMoV15), Rockwell hardened to 59-60.

Talon Knife - The Martialist


Both the knife and the Kydex sheath — which is absolutely no larger than it needs to be (a nice touch) seem to be well executed, with good attention to fit and finish. The Talon seats positively in the sheath with a little bit of wobble (not enough to rattle) and draws easily into a two-finger grip.  The size shipped to me was the largest of the 5 offered by Talon; it barely fits my sausage-sized index and middle fingers.  The elongated tail braces against the underside of my ring finger and helps stabilize the knife in the hand.

The size of the Talon means you barely know it’s there.  It handles quickly and can do serious damage to an adversary in very little time, becoming an extension of the hand while leaving you the use of most of your fingers. The thoughtful extras provided with the knife also make it easy to adapt it to a variety of carry platforms.  That’s the name of the game when it comes to a self-defense blade like this.

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